Ozonics International is pleased to announce that in May 2006, a new patent pending item has been added to its intellectual properties.

A device for determining externally applied ozone/oxygen dosage.
Accurately gauging the total ozone dosage applied to external medical lesions such as diabetic and decubitus skin ulcers, poorly healing wounds, and burns, has hitherto stymied clinicians. Integrating factors such as ozone concentration, humidity, and time of exposure with the specific demands of the condition under treatment has remained challenging to the proper administration of ozone prescriptions. 
Ozonics International’s proprietary innovation allows the clinician to immediately determine externally-applied ozone dosage, thus permitting a precise delineation of treatment duration.

As of march 2006:
H5N1 avian influenza comprehensive deactivation is the mission of this line of air disinfection units using combined anti-viral technologies. Designed for hospital and clinical environments, these units are suitable for spaces with high people densities, such as waiting rooms and airport lounges, and schools where airborne influenza transmission is a public health concern.

Head and neck relaxation is automatically induced with this device. Muscle and joint tension, including TMJ, are often the cause of stress headaches. This nonprescription device is suitable for the broad range of individuals who seek psychological relaxation and muscular repose.